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New features in FEM-Design 23

Last modified by Iwona Budny Bjergø on 2024/02/12 20:24

The following section highlights all new features and changes in FEM-Design 23. All the features and improvements are sorted by the area, and described together in dedicated sections. Bug fixes in FEM-Design 23 are added into Release notes.

 FEM-Design 3D StructureFEM-Design Plate

Performance improvements

  Improved saving speed
  Model backup
   Support for wide range of scripts
  Accelerated mesh check
  Enhanced progress bars for large models

 FEM-Design 3D StructureFEM-Design Plate

User interface, input and modelling

  Refreshed user interface
  Apply button in relevant dialogs
  Views options in Filter mode
  Quick access to window arrangement
  Enhanced object labels
  Fade all others in a view
  Simplified Hide / Show workflow
  Save and select display status
  Separate layers for modeling tools

 FEM-Design 3D StructureFEM-Design Plate


  Wind load on diaphragms 
  Assigned load data in the Load export 
  Improved visibility of assigned loads 
  Traffic loads 

 FEM-Design 3D StructureFEM-Design Plate


  Carbon footprint assessment
  Automatic label arrangement

 FEM-Design 3D StructureFEM-Design Plate


  Automatic peak smoothing for piles 
  Improved shear deformation calculation of a timber bar
  Plastic shell 

 FEM-Design 3D StructureFEM-Design Plate

General design

  Copy applied quantity
  Copy calculation and design parameters

 FEM-Design 3D StructureFEM-Design Plate

RC Design

  Bar spacing input in bar auto design
  Same reinforcement along the bar
  Parametric bar reinforcement enhancements

 FEM-Design 3D StructureFEM-Design Plate


  In-plane graph position
  Rotate numeric values to screen plane
  Display unit for numeric values
  Background settings for numeric values
  Enhanced color palette display settings
  Display result in a new window
  Improved results structure in Quick Tools
  New result types for unstable plastic load combination 
  Virtual bar 
  Export reactions as loads 

 FEM-Design 3D StructureFEM-Design Plate


  General improvements
  Graphical windows
  Text input

 FEM-Design 3D StructureFEM-Design Plate

API and interoperability

  IFC Improvements 
  Allplan connection - support for all reinforcement types 
  IDEA StatiCa relink 
  StruXML - object color representation 
  PREFAB - Automatic point connections