Install StruSoft Installer

In order to activate your license you need to install StruSoft Installer on your computer/server. With your activation code supplied by StruSoft you will be able to configure and activate initial download of your license file in StruSoft Installer. The Installer will then continuously keep your license file up to date in the background.

The activation code sent from StruSoft looks something like this: YourCompany,HomeTown:1000-1/ABC12-DEF34-GHI56-JKL78

Configure license

Start StruSoft Installer, go to the 'Licensing & Settings' tab, and then click on the 'Activate License' link. Here you paste the activation code in the "Activation code" box and press OK. Now StruSoft Installer certifies your local computer and downloads a license file tied to your computer.



The license file contains information about the licenses. Here is a short guide to available license bits (licenses for each module).

Installation of msi-packages

msi-files of the programs can be downloaded from StruSoft Installer.

Go to tab Licensing & Settings, select Change settings... and check the Download only-option and specify a download path

ssinst dl ony.png

Select OK, then run the Refresh apps-command, now the Download option is visible instead of Install

ssinst dl.png

Installation switches for FEM-Design


  Two kinds of installer are available: “full” and “core”.
  See below the available components.

   X: available
   -: not available

 Full installCore installEducationalStudent
FEM-Design coreXXXX
Licence SystemX-X-
DirectX 9X-XX
Microsoft VC RedistX-XX

Install your installation package with logging:

msiexec /i "Package.msi" /l*v ".\Install.log"


i. install, reinstall:
msiexec /i fem-design-basic.msi /qn /l*v .\log.txt 

!!important: if UAC is switched on and msi is not lauched as admin elevated rights, use /qb instead of /qn, because UAC elevation dialog is not shown when you call msi with /qn ( no UI )

see microsoft documentation: 

for silent running, use optional properties, see below: [optional properties]

[optional properties]:

      value:   Specify the installation location.
      example: msiexec /i fem-design-basic.msi /qn INSTALLDIR="c:\Program Files (x86)\STRUSOFT\FD12"

      value:   specify the strusoft company folder, this is the common folders for all Strusoft products.
      example: msiexec /i fem-design-basic.msi /qn STRUSOFTDIR="c:\Program Files (x86)\STRUSOFT_"

      value:   run directX install, (0:not install; 1:install; default=1)
      example: msiexec /i fem-design-basic.msi /qn INSTALLDIRECTX=1

      value:   run MS Visual studio End User Runtime install, (0:not install; 1:install; default=1)
      example: msiexec /i fem-design-basic.msi /qn INSTALLVCREDIST=1 

      value:   disable automatic update/upgrade , (0:update enabled; 1:update disabled; default=0)
      example: msiexec /i fem-design-basic.msi /qn DISABLEAUTOUPDATE=1 

  ALLUSERS=[string] ( microsoft standard, link: )
      value:   Install application for all users of the computer or for only the current user. ( default: for all users ) 
               "1" = Install for all users
               ""  = Install for current user

      example: msiexec /i fem-design-basic.msi /qn ALLUSER=""

      value:   any, skip AVX check of processor

[available properties]:

   X: available
   -: not available

PropertiesFull installCore installEducationalStudent

ii. uninstall:
msiexec /x fem-design-basic.msi /qn /l*v .\log.txt

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