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Performance improvements

Last modified by Iwona Budny Bjergø on 2024/02/12 15:01


Improved saving speed

Management of projects with results has significantly accelerated compared to previous versions:

  • Project loading: on average 1.5-2 times faster
    Project saving: on average 8-10 times faster

The average acceleration depends on the type of motherboard, processor, and storage disk.

Model backup

FEM-Design 23 provides a new Environment setting that upon request, automatically saves a duplicate of your project's input and/or result files.


Support for wide range of scripts

FEM-Design 23 is designed with full support for Unicode, offering enhanced capabilities and flexibility. Unicode is a character encoding standard that ensures consistent representation of text across different platforms and languages, and so its adoption in FEM-Design brings several advantages.

Multilingual content support: Unicode enables the representation of characters from diverse writing systems, allowing FEM-Design to seamlessly handle text and file names in various languages. Whether your content is in Latin-based scripts, Greek, Cyrillic, Arabic, Chinese, or any other script, our software ensures accurate and reliable display.

Extended character set: Unicode provides a vast character set, accommodating a wide range of symbols and special characters. This allows you to work with diverse content and ensures accurate preservation and display of textual data in the software.

Global interoperability: You can exchange data and collaborate across different regions without concerns about character encoding issues. This is particularly beneficial for projects involving international teams or collaborations with partners using different languages.


Accelerated mesh check

To facilitate the verification of geometry accuracy and identify errors in large and complex models, the Mesh check processes have been refactored and significantly accelerated.


Enhanced progress bars for large models

In case of large models, switching between analysis and design modes (tabs) may take a considerable amount of time. With the recent update, a progress window will now keep you informed about the ongoing processes.