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Reinforced concrete design

Last modified by Iwona Budny Bjergø on 2024/02/12 15:04


Bar spacing input in bar auto design

It is now possible to define own values for reinforcement bar spacing. The auto-design parameters for RC Bars, Concealed bars, and Composite columns have been enhanced to include the following options:

  • the minimum and maximum distances between reinforcement bars within a single layer, and
  • the minimum distance between layers

The values can be manually configured when the Auto calculate bar spacing option is unchecked. Otherwise, these values are automatically calculated and set in accordance with the Eurocode standards.


Same reinforcement along the bar

During the automatic design of RC Bars and Concealed Bars, you can now specify that the same (i.e., the most critical) longitudinal reinforcement bar arrangement be applied along the entire length of the bar.


Parametric bar reinforcement enhancements

The Parametric reinforcement tool is a quick and user-friendly method for defining reinforcement in rectangular and circular bars with the most common patterns.

FEM-Design 23 expands this manual reinforcement input method with additional features:

Quick selection for Beam and Column reinforcement types, in case of rectangular bar cross-sections.


Multiple stirrup definition within a cross-section.

  • It is possible to define arbitrary number of stirrups.
  • The initial, first stirrup is consistently located along the contour of the cross-section.
  • Subsequent stirrups are symmetrically placed, matching the longitudinal reinforcement bars and having the minimum length.


Different stirrup spacing and diameter can be defined for the start and the end segment of the bars.


The longitudinal reinforcement bars can be arranged in any number of rows. There are five types of them:

  • Main, top
  • Additional, top, start
  • Additional, top, end
  • Main, bottom
  • Additional, bottom

  • n,min is the minimum number of longitudinal bars in a row; the program generates more if needed for the required number of stirrups.
  • New rows can be added using the Insert key or by typing any data into the topmost empty line of the table.
  • A selected (highlighted) row can be deleted using the Ctrl + Delete key combination.