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StruXML Guid

Last modified by Iwona Budny Bjergø on 2023/07/03 09:45

StruXML Guide tool adds struxml guid parameter to elements in the current model.

Using this tool, it is possible to automatically add a parameter called StruXML Guid to elements in the model.  Upon clicking on StruXML Guid (StruSoft tab | Tools panel), a StruXML Guid parameter is created and applied to following categories:

Structural elementsAnalytical elements

Structural Column

Structural Framing

Structural Floors

Structural Walls

Structural Foundations

Analytical Column

Analytical Beam

Analytical Brace

Analytical Floor

Analytical Wall

Analytical Isolated Foundation

Analytical Wall Foundation

Analytical Foundation Slab

Adding the StruXML Guid parameter automatically, requires presence of shared parameter file, into which, the new parameter can be added. If there is no shared parameter file loaded in the project, warning message will be shown.