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Last modified by Iwona Budny Bjergø on 2023/07/03 09:46

StruSoft StruXml Revit Add-in contains number of tools that are available in the StruSoft tab, in the Tools panel.



The first three tools (Analytical Model, Material, Connection Status) are helpful in preparation of the Revit model before the export, and are sort of “shortcut” for actions that can be done manually in Revit. The next three tools (Wall Edge Connections, Floor Conversion,  Wall Conversion) allow for performing actions that are not originally possible in Revit.

Analytical ModelChecks if all model elements have analytical model enabled.
Material Checks if all model elements have analytical model enabled.
Connection StatusCreates an analytical model with analytical nodes filtered by their connection status.
Wall Edge ConnectionsAdds edge connections to wall edges.
Floor ConversionExports floor elements as other objects.
Wall ConversionExports wall elements as other objects.
StruXML GuidAdd struxml Guid to Revit elements.
Guid SearchFinds elements in Revit using the struxml Guid