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Last modified by Iwona Budny Bjergø on 2023/07/03 09:45

Bar and shell reinforcement (excluding punching reinforcement) is imported to Revit as Structural Rebar. All valid reinforcement is imported by default, unless the Reinforcement is unchecked in the Selected elements to import in the Import dialog.

Reinforcement is imported to Revit without any modification to it. That means that almost the exact configuration of the FEM-Design reinforcement will be recreated in Revit, and most probably some additional work will be necessary in Revit in order to adjust the proper reinforcement placement in locations such connections between columns and beams or walls with concealed bar reinforcement (unless this is already handled in FEM-Design).

Column and beam reinforcement

A new rebar bar type is created for each rebar (Shape 31 is used for rectangle stirrups, Shape 75 for round stirrups and Shape 00 for longitudinal bars). The name of the rebar type corresponds to the the rebar diameter and quality from FEM-Design.

Stirrups are placed with a Number with Spacing layout rule that corresponds to the number of stirrups and distance from FEM-Design. Longitudinal bars are placed as single rebars and their length includes the anchorage distance from FEM-Design.


1561721779081-555.png   1561721795398-334.png


Slab and wall reinforcement

A new rebar bar type (shape 00) is created for each area reinforcement. The name of the rebar type corresponds to the the rebar diameter and quality from FEM-Design.

The area reinforcement is placed using the Number with Spacing layout rule. The spacing corresponds to the distance from FEM-Design. The number of rebars in the area is calculated.



Area reinforcement created in Revit is as close to the original FEM-Design reinforcement as possible. In case of more complex shell geometry (e.g. other than rectangle, or containing openings) the area reinforcement is divided into several areas (just as it is done originally in Revit) and we can not guarantee that the exact spacing between bars can be maintained. It can happen that the spacing will be 149mm instead of 150mm, in order to fit all the bars into the area. However, in each of such cases we will send a warning message:


Concealed bar reinforcement

The concealed bar reinforcement is created based on same rules and column and beam reinforcement. Only the host element in different - wall.