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Last modified by Iwona Budny Bjergø on 2023/07/03 09:45


Following loads types defined in FEM-design can be imported to Revit:

  • Point load
  • Line load
  • Surface load

Load cases

Load cases defined in FEM-Design can be imported to Revit project under condition that there is at least one load applied to the structure.

The load cases imported from FEM-Design will be added to the existing load cases in Revit (if any). Type and the duration class parameters are not imported to Revit; all the imported load cases will be assigned with the Dead Nature and Dead loads Category.



If a name of the load cases imported from FEM-Design is the same as name of the existing load case in FEM-Design, import will not be possible and an error message will be thrown.

Load comment

It is possible to import load comments from FEM-Design to Revit. If there is a load comment in struxml, we will automatically import it to Revit into the Comment instance parameter of a load.