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Import struxml to Revit

Last modified by Iwona Budny Bjergø on 2023/07/03 09:46

Go to Analyze tab and find Import StruXML command in the StruSoft FEM-Design panel. This is the only command that one has to use in order to import a FEM-Design model to Revit.


Upon pressing the Import StruXML command, an Import StruXML dialog will pop out.





Load file

Use this command in order to load the struxml file  to be imported. Upon loading a struxml file, Selected elements to import and Mapping panels will become active.


Select elements to import

Selected elements to import panel contains a list of all possible element categories that can be imported to Revit. Only the categories that are present in the struxml file will become active (for instance if there are no grids and levels in the imported model, those categories will remain inactive).

In the Selected elements to import panel user has a chance to see how many elements of a given category are present in the file and how many elements in total will be imported. One has also a chance to unselect a certain category that is present in the struxml fie so it will not be imported to Revit project.


Import struxml names

Press Import StruXML names, if you want to add StruXML Name parameter into each imported structural element. The StruXML Name is applied to analytical and physical elements as Shared parameters and is read-only.



In the Mapping panel, one should map all elements that are about to be imported into Revit project. Mapping panel contains five mapping buttons that correspond to different kind of element types. Again, only mapping categories for elements that are present in the struxml file, and were selected to be imported in the Selected elements to panel, will be active.

If all elements within one category are mapped, the button will turn green. Otherwise it will remain red, until mapping is completed. Read more about the mapping procedure in the Mapping chapter. Once done mapping can be saved to struxml, and loaded next time to be used with another model.

Import elements

When the mapping procedure is finished, Import elements button will become active. It will only become active if all the elements (and materials) were mapped.

Upon pressing Import elements button, selected elements will be imported to the Revit project and an Import report dialog will become active. There, one can see a list of possible warnings, errors and total amount of elements imported to Revit. Press Import report button, to see a complete overview of all imported elements.

Import procedure

  1. Optionally: Go to Settings and make your choice.
  2. Load struxml file, using Load file button.
  3. Optionally: In the Selected elements to import panel, decide which elements to export (among those that are present in the struxml file).
  4. Optionally: Check the Import StruXML names box.
  5. Perform the mapping.
  6. Optionally: use Save mapping button in order to save mapping into struxml.
  7. Use Import elements button in order to import the selected elements into Revit project.
  8. Optionally: use Import report button in order to see an overview of all imported elements.
  9. Use Close dialogue button in order to close the Import StruXML window.