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Warnings and errors

Last modified by Iwona Budny Bjergø on 2023/07/03 09:46

It can happen that the exported struxml file can contain some geometry definitions that are not compatible with FEM-Design. To be very general, two things can happen in such situation:

  • Certain bad element cannot be imported, and will be excluded from the opened model in FEM-Design
  • Certain bad element can be corrected automatically, and be imported along with the rest of the model to FEM-Design.

This is how the dialog will look like if you come across some errors / warning at opening the struxml in FEM-Design.


Now, when one imports a struxml file that contains some bad shell geometry (for example shell with points of plane), FEM-Design is trying to repair it to a FEM-Design compatible format. When the repaired model is imported to FEM-Design, it is necessary to run the Correct Model tool, to adjust the model geometry. Warning message in such will look like this:  @ 0F4E02AE-11C7-4C48-82DA-FE5D2B7B453B | Warning: This wall's region has been repaired, please check the model with the 'Correct model' tool!

However, if a shell region cannot be automatically fixed and imported, it is now visualized and placed on special layer called Import errors. It is just a graphic image that shows what the bad object looks like and where it is located. Error message in such will look like this:   @ 51DE2BAA-FBDB-433D-B05A-D1196F962E8C | Error: This wall's improper region cannot be automatically corrected!

1561114842315-113.png 1561114846445-889.png

There can be a number of other warning or error messages that can appear at opening incompatible struxml file. There is solution to most of the errors, and if you cannot manage it on your own, contact the Support.

Some messages are pure informational, like for example this one:  @ 772BCA3B-712A-49A3-A0DC-8FDE5BE7142D | Warning: The 'Revit Steel Sections, HPC' has been automatically corrected! This only means that some section part of geometry was corrected when section was automatically created at the export from Revit.