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Element ID

Last modified by Iwona Budny Bjergø on 2023/07/03 09:46

Custom identifiers can be assigned to elements in Revit, and exported to FEM-Design.

Custom ID's can be added into an instance parameter of following analytical objects in Revit:

  • analytical beams
  • analytical braces
  • analytical columns
  • analytical floors
  • analytical walls
  • analytical isolated foundations
  • analytical wall foundations
  • analytical foundation slabs

When opening a struxml file, containing elements with user defined ID's, in FEM-Deign - they will be recognized as Element identifiers.

Assign Element ID

The instance parameter used for the ID allocation can be a native Revit parameter or user defined shared / project parameter. It is advised to use text parameter type.


Export Element ID

The export of the user defined identifiers is optional. In order to export those parameters, one has to select the option in the Export dialog and type the name of the Instance parameter containing the ID's.


Rules on Identifiers in FEM-Design

If the used defined element ID in Revit is: AB.C, after opening it in FEM-Design, it will be renumbered to AB.C.1 (structural ID) and AB.C.1.1 (analytical ID).

If he used defined element ID in Revit is: AB.C.1, only the AB.C will be considered as the identifier in FEM-Design. The workaround to this is to set the ID in Revit to for example AB.C.1_ In such case, in FD it will be renumbered to AB.C.1_.1 and AB.C.1_.1.1