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New features in FEM-Design 22

Last modified by Iwona Budny Bjergø on 2023/02/01 09:01

The following section highlights all new features and changes in FEM-Design 22. All the features and improvements are sorted by the area, and described together in dedicated sections. Bug fixes in FEM-Design 22 are added into Release notes.

 FEM-Design 3D StructureFEM-Design Plate

Settings and management

   Special characters in file names and paths
   Centralized font settings 
   Section library storage on server
   Result file storage in a specific location

 FEM-Design 3D StructureFEM-Design Plate

Modeling and input

   New foundation objects: Retaining wall and Excavation 
   Improved Surface connection tool 
   Improved behaviour of covers' supporting structures 
   Copy edge connection properties
   Show selected objects in a new window
   Labeled sections in Filter

 FEM-Design 3D StructureFEM-Design Plate


   Filter loads by value
   Psi factors for subgroups of Load groups
   Improved Load groups combinations

 FEM-Design 3D StructureFEM-Design Plate


   Note tool
   Version log
   Compare files tool 
   Display options for Marker

 FEM-Design 3D StructureFEM-Design Plate


   Improvements and speed up of analysis calculations
   Improved construction stages 
   Minimum division number for edge connections

 FEM-Design 3D StructureFEM-Design Plate

RC design

   Shear and bending moment reduction for RC bar
   Improved RC bar crack calculation
   Min./ max. reinforcement check in Detailed result of RC bars
   Improved display of concealed bar properties 
   Single reinforcement bar
   Shear reinforcement design
   RC shell design for crack width
   RC shell fire design
   Improved shear capacity results for RC shells
   Improved default colour settings in RC shell Auto design

 FEM-Design 3D StructureFEM-Design Plate

Steel, Timber and Masonry design

   Parametric fire curve for steel fire design 
   Kerto timber cross-sections and materials
   Ignore tension in masonry objects 

 FEM-Design 3D StructureFEM-Design Plate


   Zoom-independent font size of numeric results
   Improved appearance of results on the graphs
   Display setting for Automatic numeric values
   New rules for summation of seismic results 
   Improved display of load groups design results
   Custom result library
   Converted loads results for load combinations 

 FEM-Design 3D StructureFEM-Design Plate


   Numbering of graphical windows
   Improved documentation of bar reinforcement
   List tables: List nodes for selected objects only
   List tables: Design results for labelled sections

 FEM-Design 3D StructureFEM-Design Plate

API and interoperability

   IDEA StatiCa connection 
   Allplan connection 
   Improvements to IFC Import / Export 
   Improvements to SAF Import 
   Result point in StruXML