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Export unmapped sections

Last modified by Iwona Budny Bjergø on 2023/07/03 09:46

A new option has been introduced in the StruXML Export that allows for exporting unmapped section. In previous versions of the StruXml StruSoft Add-In, both all the materials and sections had to be mapped to corresponding objects from FEM-Design library, otherwise elements with unmapped material or section were not exported.

From now on, it is possible not to map the sections (the materials still have to be mapped) and let the StruXML StruSoft Add-In create them automatically in FEM-Design.


It is possible not to map any section, or map only some sections, and let the Add-In create the rest, as shown in the example below.


In the Export tab, simply chose to Export unmapped sections (when this option is chosen, the list of warnings about unmapped sections will disappear).


In FEM-Design, the unmapped Revit sections are listed under Used sections, and are named as the sections in Revit.


Note: Keep in mind that if you choose to export unmapped sections, new sections will be created in FEM-Design, even though similar sections exist in FEM-Design library. If you want your Revit object to have the original FEM-Design sections, use the regular mapping procedure.

In case of an attempt of export unmapped sections that do not have a constant section (examples shown below) the Add-In will send a warning that such section cannot be exported (since it cannot originally exist in FEM-Design).

1560858910853-262.png  1560858931650-214.png