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Last modified by Iwona Budny Bjergø on 2023/07/03 09:46

In order to export loads, load cases and loads combinations one should select the Loads and load comb. to be exported in the StruXml Export dialog.


Load cases

If the Export Loads and load comb.option is selected, all Load Cases existing in Revit will be exported to FEM-Design (including those loads cases that do not contain any loads assigned).

The only property of the load case that is exported from Revit to FEM-Design is a Name. Definition of Nature and Category is not relevant for the export to FEM-Design, except in one case. If the Category is set to Dead Loads, the load case will be exported as load case Type: +Struc. Dead load.  All the other load cases exported from Revit to FEM-Design, will be assigned with the Type: Ordinary.






Following Load types are exported from Revit to FEM-Design:

  • Point Load
  • Line Load
  • Area load
  • Hosted Point Load
  • Hosted Line Load
  • Hosted Area load


Figure below shows a vertical force of 1kN is applied to a column in Revit. The value of the force is -1kN so the force acts downward. The force is applied into a load case: Dead load. After importing it to FEM-Design, the load value is –1 kN, as defined in Revit.  The correct direction of the load is preserved by setting a positive direction (with the global Z axis) that is consistent with the positive direction of Revit coordinate system. The load is assigned to a corresponding load case Dead load.

1553157946486-514.png       1553157595087-569.png

If more force components is assigned into one point load or one surface load, the visible force in Revit will be displayed as resultant force. After exporting it to FEM-Design, the point (or surface load) will be divided into separate components. So, the column from figure above will be loaded with a force of 1kN acting in the X – direction.

1553157731366-413.png    1553157736501-960.png

Load combinations

Following load combinations parameters are exported:

  • Name
  • Formula
  • State
    • Ultimate corresponds to Ultimate Limit State in FEM-Design,
    • Serviceability corresponds to Serviceability - characteristic limit state in FEM-Design.

Type and Usage are ignored.



Load comment

It is possible to export load comments from Revit to FEM-Design. If there is a comment in the Comment instance parameter of a point, line or area load in Revit, we will automatically export it to struxml, into the load comment parameter.