Revit grid name can be exported as Prefix.

The names of the Revit grid names cannot be exported to FEM-Design (struxml) due to the limitation of the FEM-Design (struxml) naming convention for axes. But in this version, we enabled a possibility to apply the exact Revit grid name as a Prefix to the FEM-Design (struxml) axes, so it is somewhat possible to track and recognize the Revit grids in FEM-Design.

In StruXML Export dialog, check the option to Export grid name as prefix.


in FEM-Design, the Revit grid name will be added as Prefix, and will be followed by the dot and a number.


Local coordinate system of the exported walls is changed to match the FD standard

Upon customers request, we have modified the rules behind applying the local coordinate system to the walls exported from Revit to FEM-Design. The two programs have a different setup of a default local coordinate system of walls. So far, the walls in FEM-Design received the exact coordinate system that they had in Revit, but that created chaos if additional walls were driven in the exported model directly in FEM-Design.

So from now on, we modify the local coordinate system of the walls, to match it to the one that the wall received when it is drawn directly in FEM-Design.

This is how the default local coordinate system looks like for walls in Revit, depending on the drawing direction.


This is how these two walls will looks like when exported to FEM-Design:


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