Colour palette settings improvements

Colour palette settings have been improved with two new features.

Default colours of the palette has been changed to rainbow style.


"Adjust to min/max" option has been added to palette dialog, which scales the palette between the actual visible result’s minimum and maximum value instead of the absolute maximum out of positive and negative value.


Display selected results

Select objects option is added to new result dialog for better usability, when displaying result isn’t needed for the entire structure.

Select object option is available at Quick tools/Results dialog and at New Result dialog.


This is available in 3D modules, Plate and Wall modules, for results at Analysis, RC design, Steel design and Timber design tabs but it is not available for moving load influence line result, seismic equivalent loads, eigen freq / mass results.

Select objects options:

The default is ‘All’, means display result for the entire structure, as it worked so far.

In ‘Selection’ case selection tool starts to select structure objects.

  • Results are generated only for selected structure objects, and selection cannot be modified after the result has been displayed.
  • ‘Filter’ tool is active and can be used to select objects, during launching selection tool.
  • Smart selection: Selection tool allows to select only structure objects, which has chosen kind of result.
    For example, only bars and columns are selectable when bar internal force result is chosen, shells are not selectable.

Other options next to ‘All’ and ‘Selection’ cases:
User defined axis, storey and user defined filters are listed below ‘All’ and ‘Selection’ options.

In axis/storey/user defined filter cases, the result is generated for those structures, which are part of the chosen axis/storey/filter.

Displayed/saved results are updated, if chosen axis/storey/filter is modified (new object is added to or erased from it).

For big model we advise using this feature, because in this way the results will be displayed much faster.

Combined coloured and graph surface result display

„Graph” display option has been added to Display options dialog of Coloured surface results for better visualization of surface results.


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