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Settings and management

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Special characters in file names and paths

So far, FEM-Design could not open files if their name or path contained characters that were not included in the current code page in the language setting of the operating system. From now on however, it is possible to use special characters without limitations, both in the file names as well as in their external paths.


► Special characters still cannot be used in the following cases:

  • Temporary directory path
  • Windows user name, unless the Windows region settings are compatible with those special characters
  • Installation folder path

Centralized font settings

There is a new, centralized way of setting the default font parameters for Text, Label, Numeric value and Design textual information (Settings > Drawing > Default font). Under Apply on..., one can set for which text type these settings should be the default.

The default font settings can always be changed locally, when entering the relevant settings for each text type.


It is also possible to access the default font parameters during the creation of each text type. By clicking the < button, the default properties set in Default font will be loaded. In the example below, font characteristics of a dimension line text are loaded from the Default font setting.

default text 02.png

Section library storage on server

From now on, it is possible to store a cross-section library on a server and share it easily within an organization. Activate the Import shared section library… option under Settings > Environment > Directories, and select a path and folder for the shared Section library.

When FEM-Design is started, the cross-sections are imported into the local folder from the seclib.fdl file stored in the shared folder. Section conflicts are resolved in the same way as when upgrading to a new FEM-Design version. FEM-Design remembers the timestamp of the file from the last successful import and skips import, if the timestamps matches perfectly.

If new items shall be added to the shared library, one must create the extended library as usual, and then copy it to the shared location. If the timestamp is older than the previous one, it is still considered as a change and is processed.

By pressing the Import now button, the library will be updated immediately, regardless of the time stamp.


Result file storage in a specific location

Storing model files on a local server is very popular however, saving large result files may take long time. To solve this problem, FEM-Design 22 allows the FEM-Design result file (the file with the suffix "FEM") to be stored in a separate location from the corresponding input and lock files.

Activate the Store result file (*.*FEM*) in a different folder option under Settings > Environment > Directories, and select a local folder for the calculation file.

An override places the FEM file in the specified folder, regardless of where the input file is. If a FEM file also exists alongside the input file, it will not be used and will be considered as obsolete.

When loading a project, FEM file is first searched for in the specified location. If it is not found, then the FEM file located next to the input file is tried to be loaded. If no FEM file corresponding to the input file is found, reading previously calculated results will fail.



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