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Masonry design

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Improved input of fxk1

In Danish National Annex it is now possible to use different input methods of the characteristic flexural strength (fxk1) of brick materials. There are three possibilities on how to obtain the value:

  • set the value manually,
  • use the formula fxk1 = 0.035 * fb with filled and unfilled perpend joints, where fb is the normalized mean compressive strength of a masonry unit,
  • use the table value given by EN 1996-1-1 3.6.3. (3), as required by other Eurocode National Annexes.


Note: Available only in Danish NA

Shear check

Masonry walls are often used as shear walls in smaller buildings. To support this scenario, FEM-Design now offers a possibility to check the shear of masonry walls according to EN 1996-1-1: 6.2.

New material properties

Shear design properties can be set for brick materials in the Application data of Brick material.


Note: National Annex- dependent data are available for Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish National annexes. The new design configuration option is available only for Danish NA:


New design results

Internal shear force:

Internal shear force.png

Utilization for shear:


Shear check as detailed result by wall:



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