National Annex version

In FEM-Design 20, we can ask details about the National Annex’s version of a design code when choosing it at startup or modifying it inside a project at settings (Settings > Calculation > Code).

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Highlight objects before selection

In FEM-Design 20, we can highlight objects without selecting them or before selecting them. Just, check Highlighting before selection box to highlight element contour lines, and choose a color for the selection highlight (Settings > Environment > General > Highlight).


The set of object types that can be highlighted depends on whether

  • the layer of the object type is active (unlocked) or locked, or
  • the current command is valid for the object type.

Highlight Object.gif

Improved Trim / Extend function

At Modify/Trim and Modify/Extend commands, we can now select the following region-type objects as cutting or boundary planes for trimming or extending one dimensional structural and drawing objects (e.g. bars, lines, etc.):

  • Region/Solid surface (Drawing),
  • Storey,
  • Plate/Wall,
  • Surface connection/Fictitious shell/Diaphragm,
  • Foundation slab,
  • Surface support,
  • Cover,
  • Surface-type load.

The editing process can be done for both existing or virtual ("unexisting") intersections.


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