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Isolated foundation (Geometry)

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Isolated foundation propertyDescription
Modules where available1584949123918-835.png
GeometryRegular shape, Solid
End connectionRigid and hinged, or custom defined by Point connection
Load directionArbitrary in 1584949124855-756.png   
Load typePoint load (force and moment), Point support motion
Available analysis resultsDisplacement, stresses, stability and vibration shape in  1584949125768-584.png  
Available designFoundation design
Default Short CommandFIS

Table: Isolated foundation properties

Definition steps

  1. If needed, set a proper position for the working plane.
  2. Start 1584949172519-348.png Isolated foundation command from 1584949142888-253.png  tabmenu and choose 1584949151884-185.png Define.
  3. Set the properties of the new Isolated foundation at 1584949178282-109.png Default settings:
    • Identifier (General)
      The program automatically generates it, but you can define custom value. Identifier (ID) number can be displayed in model view (Display settings).
    • Analytical system (General)
      Here the user can choose how to model the Isolated foundation depends on if “Calculate soil as a solid element” is chose or not. If “Calculate soil as a solid element” is not chosen in “Code, Configuration” dialog, user can choose if he/she wants to model the Isolated foundation by line support group or by surface support group. In this case bedding modulus can be set in Default settings / General dialog.
    • Insulation (General)
      User can apply insulations attached to the bottom of the isolated foundation. If Calculate soil as a solid element is activated, Insulations are calculated as part of the Foundation object with the user-specified parameters. Otherwise, they are ignored.
    • Material
      Only concrete material can be set for isolated foundation Analysis.
  4. Choose a geometry definition method.
  5. Define the Wall foundation in the model view based on the chosen geometry method.

Optional steps:

  1. Modify the isolated foundation properties with the 1584949413792-355.png Properties tool of the Isoltated foundation tool palette.
  2. Set the display settings of isolated foundations at Settings > All > Display > Beam, Column and Truss.
  3. The Isolated foundations are stored on “Foundation” and if they modeled with Surface support group their supports will be stored at the “Support” Object layers. The color and pen width settings by selected beam elements can be modified by Edit > Properties > Change appearance.
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