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Intermediate section (Geometry)

Last modified by Iwona Budny Bjergø on 2022/01/18 12:24

Intermediate section propertyDescription
Modules where available1585047063480-764.png 1585047092118-841.png 1585047073940-856.png
Axis positionHorizontal in 1585047073940-856.png
 Arbitrary (horizontal, vertical and skew) in 1585047064855-780.png  1585047123390-569.png
MaterialSteel, concrete, timber and general
Available analysis resultsDisplacement, internal forces, stresses, stability and vibration shape in1585047076898-469.png 1585047066148-533.png  1585047125543-143.png
Default Short CommandISEC

Definition steps                        

  1. If needed (and available in the current FEM-Design module), set a proper position for working plane. In all modules, respect that the gravity direction is always the Global Z axis direction.
  2. Start 1585047178037-661.png  Intermediate section from 1585047184754-580.png  tabmenu and choose 1585047191579-791.png  Define.
  3. Set the properties of the new Intermediate section at 1585047216371-424.png Default setting:

    • Section
      Choose a beam profile from the Section library or define a new cross-section by parameters. The applied section name can be displayed in model view (Display settings).
    warning.pngIntermediate section can be used with the same section shape and fabrication technology.
    • Insertion point
      The axis default position is on the gravity center (symbolized with yellow point in the section), but it can be set with its coordinate in the local y’z’ plane, or can be placed into special section points (e.g. plate corners) by clicking the yellow point into the requested position.

      You can manage the physical and analytical eccentricity separately for intermediate sections:
  4. Define the direction of the cross-section y’ axis (only in 3D modules).
    The y’ axis cannot be modified in the 1585047662294-373.png  module, so it is always parallel with the Global X-Y (working) plane.

  5. Define the Intermediate section placement.
    Figure: Defining an Intermediate section

Optional steps:

  1. Modify the Intermediate section with the 1585047691021-248.png Properties.
  2. The Intermediate section is part of the bar element so its layer and setting can be found like in Beam, Column or Truss.
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