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Guide to available license bits

Last modified by Iwona Budny Bjergø on 2023/09/22 14:25

Availability of licenses

For FEM-Design and all modules the license bits in Flexera is divided into several categories:

Root licenses

For each instance of FEM-Design running the program needs a root-license in order to start (for single licenses, "node-locked", only one root license is needed). Each instance might need a documentation license as well, if any information is written in the documentation, or if the documentation is in use.

CategoryLicense nameLicense version

Main modules

For each main module it is possible to start a module of FEM-Design. So in order to start FEM-Design Plate you need one F_Root and one F_Plate as minimum requirement. It is only possible to run equal and older versions of FEM-Design on these modules. FEM-Design 13 and older needs the previous license system, and are not valid with the current Flexera-solution.

If the License version requirement is higher than is present on the license file, an update of the license file is needed. Upgrades to newest versions are only available for clients with a valid and ongoing maintenance agreemenet.

As of FEM-Design 19 Parametric Editor is not needed to run the module since it is in beta-development, it will become available for sales in FEM-Design 20 when all features has been added to the module. It will be free for all users to try out during 2020.

CategoryLicense nameLicense version
Main modules1583398554689-506.png F_Plate19.0
1583403731784-962.png 1583403739222-253.png F_Wall_Plane_Strain19.0
1583397004039-964.png F_3D_Frame19.0
1583403843740-281.png F_3D_Structure19.0

Steel Joint

In order to run Steel Joint from within FEM-Design, special Steel joint-licenses are needed. The Steel Joint Standalone-module is not valid for this purpose. Both licenses needs to be available to run Steel Joint from within FEM-Design

CategoryLicense nameLicense version
Steel jointF_Steel_Joint_Root_EC3-


In order to use more than one CLT the F_CLT-license needs to be available, it is also a requirement to have the F_Timber_EC5 in order to design CLT-panels.

F_Dynamics is used for calculating Footfall analysis responses and Moving loads.

CategoryLicense nameLicense version

Design modules

To design structures according to EuroCode, the approperiate design module needs to ba available.

CategoryLicense nameLicense version
Concrete 2D design by annexes1583398554689-506.png 1583403731784-962.png F_Concrete_2D_EC2-
Concrete 3D design by annexes1583403843740-281.png 1583397004039-964.png F_Concrete_3D_EC2 -
Steel design by annexes1583403843740-281.png 1583397004039-964.png 1583398554689-506.png F_Code_Steel_EC3-
Timber design by annexes1583403843740-281.png 1583397004039-964.png 1583398554689-506.png F_Timber_EC5 -
Foundation design by annexes1583403843740-281.png F_Foundation_EC7-

National Annexes

To design according to a National annex of EuroCode a special country license is needed on top of the Design modules. For design of default-values of EuroCode, the F_Code_EC is needed. It is usually bundled with any purchase of a National Annex.

CategoryLicense nameLicense version
National Annexesiconfinder_flag-european-union_748065.png F_Code_EC -
iconfinder_flag-germany_748067.png F_Code_EC_DE-
iconfinder_flag-denmark_748008.png F_Code_EC_DK-
iconfinder_flag-estonia2x_748071.png F_Code_EC_EST-
iconfinder_flag-finland2x_748034.png F_Code_EC_FI-
iconfinder_flag-hungary2x_748063.png F_Code_EC_HU-
iconfinder_flag-norway_748131.png F_Code_EC_NO-
iconfinder_flag-poland_748114.png F_Code_EC_PL-
iconfinder_flag-romania2x_748052.png F_Code_EC_RO-
iconfinder_flag-sweden2x_748117.png F_Code_EC_SE-
iconfinder_flag-turkey_748103.png F_Code_EC_TR-
iconfinder_flag-united-kingdom_748024.png F_Code_EC_UK-

Which licenses are in use?

It is possible to see what licenses are currently in use in the program by selecting License info... in Help:


(local) means that the license is taken from the local computer (Single license) compared to a Network/Global license that shows the Server name