FEM-Design 18 service releases

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This page contains list of changes, fixes and new features in FEM-Design 18 service versions.

Version 18.00.004

Released June 13th, 2019


  • Program crashed, while entering to documentation module, if document contained steel joint. 
  • Printing documentation containing steel joint is fixed.
  • In some special cases Load combination / Generation... function did not generate the signed seismic max load combinations properly.

Version 18.00.003

Released June 3rd, 2019


  • "Short Load case names" option is added to Deviation load macro.
  • Seismic/Footfall list can be filtered by analytical elements.
  • Warning about too many load combination generation.


  • Minimum thickness of fire protection material is 0.01 mm instead of 1 mm.                    
  • Result colour palette options and zooming tools are moved from v17 to v18.                    
  • Short load combination names option is now checked by default in Generate load combination dialog.                    
  • Support tool has now an option to filter Norwegian support cases.                     
  • The section of the concealed bar changes if the shell thickness had been changed, instead of being deleted.


  • A status handling issue is solved in connection with Construction stages. If the model contained construction stage results then the loads were modified (value/geometry), load combination calculation could cause Fortran error.        
  • By very large models with lot of load combination the calculation has hit a deadlock situation (similar than an infinite loop). This was a processor usage fault related to Intel compiler.
  • Color of pictures in steel joint detailed result.                    
  • Columns containing corbels invalidated results if they were manually numbered.                    
  • Cracked section analysis failed, if the model contained arched wall foundation.                    
  • Crash if drag&drop file on the application window appeared before a previous load was fully completed.                    
  • Deflection result was not refreshed after recalculation.                    
  • Delta beams with rectangular shape can be calculated.                    
  • Display settings of cover were missing from 3D Frame module.                    
  • Editing bars with different eccentricity in end conditions could cause crash.                    
  • Editing columns with different end conditions could cause crash.                    
  • Editing shells which already had reinforcement may have caused crash, if they were a member of a design group.                    
  • Fill all cells option did not work for concealed bar listing.                    
  • Hiding/showing sections of documentation caused crash in some special cases.                    
  • If a bar does not have section at file loading, it is deleted, and warning message is displayed                    
  • Imperfection result displaying could cause crash using ""Show positive only"" option without positive Critical parameter results."                    
  • In Danish annex, EC2 7.3.2 (3), 4th condition have been removed.                 
  • In documentation module, in Foundation design graphical window Automatic numeric value command had wrong icon.                    
  • In some special cases punching regions were outside the shell region, which caused crash during the calculation.                    
  • In some special cases the Beam/Column dialog in End conditions tab could freeze.                    
  • Interaction calculation according to Method 1 was not correct in case of steel bars that were continuously restrained against lateral torsional buckling.                    
  • It was allowed to enter a very small apex radius.                    
  • It was allowed to use negative number to generate axes.                    
  • It was not possible to delete steel joint result's numeric values                     
  • It was not possible to resize Filter dialog.                     
  • It was not possible to save joints into joint libraries.                    
  • It was possible to delete shell reinforcement in documentation module, after displaying design result in the graphical window.                    
  • List / Analysis / Max. of Combination / Bars, End forces sometimes lists in the penultimate node instead of the bar's end node.                    
  • Load combination / Generate... function could generate load combinations with 0 factor load cases, which significantly increased the overall number of Load combinations.  
  • Load group command did not work in case of Romanian NA.                    
  • Merged Moving loads could cause crash in specific cases.                    
  • Modification of plate and wall appearance may have caused problems in geometrical system appearance.                    
  • Mt in bar results coming from concentrated torsional moments had wrong sign.                    
  • Nu value is removed from Romanian seismic calculation.                    
  • Overturning of wall result's numeric value was not always oriented horizontally.                    
  • Post-tensioned cables could have been multiplied if the parent bar object was modified.                    
  • Program could crash during plasticity calculation, if load case list was modified before and load combination list has been modified too.                    
  • Program crashed at displaying bar-shell detailed result, if there was no stability shape calculated for the first ultimate limit state load combination.                    
  • Program crashed at loading the file, if it contained user defined filter with a dimension member.                    
  • Quantity estimation was not accurate for several Punching reinforcements (Stud, PSB and Circular stirrup scheme).                    
  • Quick tools state and belonging menu item was not synchronized.                    
  • Range of materials' dynamic modification factor was wrong in StruXML.                    
  • Result title was doubled if only a part of the load was applied for a plastic load combination.                    
  • Steel joint detailed results sometimes were not arranged correctly in the documentation, or even may have caused crash.                    
  • Steel joint result was missing in Quick Tools result window.                    
  • Steel joint result were not visible in 2D view, if joint layer was not switched on.                    
  • The wall foundation's fictitious shell was on wrong layer.                    
  • Timber panel appeared in list of materials during code change.                     
  • Using Ctrl+A during changing analytical model of bars could cause crash.                    
  • Very special clicking order could cause crash in quick tools.                    
  • Wall foundation stretching sometimes caused crash.                    
  • Wall foundation's insulation was always 0 in the geometry.

Version 18.00.002

Released March 5th, 2019



  • Self excitation regions and Full excitation points are added to the statistics.
  • Deflection checking process can be interrupted by Esc button.
  • If the Geometrical system layer was invisible before Fixed point, Fixed line, Division number and Refine functions there will be switched off at the end of them.


  • Equilibrium result tables were not displayed in documentation after leaving and entering again documentation module.
  • Imperfection result name was not displayed correctly, if "Show positive only" option was checked.
  • Deflection check of bars for load groups crashed the program if any of the load groups contained "Final construction stage".
  • Wrongly set shape could cause crash in Post-tensioned cable properties dialog.
  • Section result were not displayed/listed at the end of the section in some special cases
  • Program crashed if Check button was pressed on Foundation design tab, while there weren't any foundation object in the model.
  • Documentation/Image properties were not modified
  • Copy of a load assigned to a structure caused crash
  • Making shell model of a bar that had connected joint caused crash when shell model was converted back to bar model.
  • Pasting file could cause trouble at load case handling
  • Physical view of bars that were connected to a steel joint that belonged to a design group was not correct in some cases after the joint was manually modified.
  • Load case name with international characters could show incorrectly in documentation
  • Welded rectangular hollow section were sometimes recognized as Delta-beams.
  • In RC shell detailed result, maximum result of shell buckling, combinations with warning message "compression force is larger then buckling force" were not taken into account during the maximum search.
  • Using Move function Post-tensioned cables could be multiplied if those are geometrically fit for multiple parent objects.
  • Undo in documentation module caused crash if some tables were in an inactive section.
  • Listing some RC design results in Plate module may have caused crash.
  • Automatic numeric value was not displayed in some cases for coloured surface reaction results.
  • Modification of more than one table column width at a time in the documentation caused crash in some special cases
  • It was not possible to modify E2/E1 of walls.
  • FD wont start after company settings created in FD17 has been imported.
  • Few Construction stage / Structural element reassignment connected crashes are fixed.
  • In the case of wall eccentricity the physical model of corbel was wrong.
  • FEM-Design installation failed unreasonably with 'AVX feature not supported' error msg in some very rare cases.
  • In case of some files made in earlier FD versions, reinforcement layers were displayed on Structure tab and it was not possible to hide them
  • Attempt to move the first Section of Documentation may have caused crash.
  • In case of steel bars, if cross-section's first principal axis was parallel with its z axis, the reduced moment capacity was not calculated correctly
  • Copying property to a bar with varying cross-section may have caused crash in case of incompatible cross-sections.
  • There was some trouble at handling protected layers
  • If surface coloured result was displayed on deformed shape, numeric values were not fit to the deformed shape at re-scaling.
  • It was not possible to manually define no-shear region for RC shells in some cases
  • Using CTRL+C, CTRL+V in Plate module may have caused crash.
  • Steel bar fire design interaction calculations were not displayed correctly in the detailed results.
  • If Close button was pressed in Recovery dialog, new file was started without checking if the current one is saved.
  • Automatic renumbering did not work in some cases for supports of piles.
  • AutoCAD - RealDWG Component could have been missed after FEM-Design installation, and due to that opening AutoCAD drawings was impossible.
  • Handling of "0" layer was confusing.
  • Program crashed at displaying bar-shell detailed result, if there was no stability shape calculated for the first ultimate limit state load combination.

Version 18.00.001

Released January 17th, 2019

This is first release of FEM-Design 18. Check what's new in this version.


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