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For years, there has been API functionality in FEM-Design through the XML format struXML. However, we have noticed an increased interest among ordinary users for automated workflows involving programming. With this, we want to lower the threshold to get started with programming together with FEM-Design. We have done this by creating simple examples that can be downloaded and followed, step by step.

Please check the following chapters that cover the possibilities of using FEM-Design API:

Run script:

Since FEM-Design 17.01.001, we support a basic automation workflow through scripting. It is capable to load/save file, execute analysis calculation and crate outputs as .csv list or .docx documentation. Using scripting you can batch-analyze models created in other programs or directly in .struxml and execute long calculations during the night.

The new addition are some educational materials regarding other solution. We have divided examples based on two overall approaches; change an existing file or create a file from scratch.

Modifying an XML file using Python:

The most common in parameter studies or similar analyses is to adjust an already existing XML file. For this there are two examples on our Wiki The workflow will then be to create the model in FEM-Design and save it in struXML format. Then you enter the XML file and change the parameters of interest using programming.

API wrapper:

Creating a file from scratch can be useful in an overall structural evaluation, for example to find the optimal shape for carrying a certain load, but also for generating often recurring geometry.

We are also working on creating a custom package for Grasshopper and hope to expand the Wiki with more information about this shortly. During autumn and winter there will also be several opportunities to attend courses aimed at automation and programming. Please visit https://strusoft.com/event/2019-10-24-FEM-API-Web

Disclaimer: All example files, wrappers and documentation are for illustrative and educational purposes and may not interact with FEM-Design in a reliable way depending on your version, installation and content of the files. Furthermore, StruSoft won´t guarantee full support of the API functions since they are customizable by the customer.

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