This page contains list of changes, fixes and new features in FEM-Design 21 service versions.

Version 21.00.002

Released March 24th, 2022


  • Dutch language version is updated with FD21 features.
  • French language version is updated with FD21 features.
  • Hungarian language version is updated with FD21 features.
  • Polish language version (for documentation module's output only) is updated with FD21 features.
  • Option to consider reopening of cracks (and ignore EN 1992-1-1 7.1 (2)) is added to RC design configuration settings.
  • It is now possible to select installer's language, and the selected language will be the default language of the FEM-Design. The starting National Annex will be chosen according to the selected language by default for the first time.
  • New UPE section series (DIN 1026-2) is added to the Section library.
  • Option to ignore stiffness reduction factors in CLT fire design calculations is added.
  • Surface load tooltip shows the exact load value at the current cursor point.
  • The INSUNITS variable contains the user-specified unit conversion value in the DWG file. This is used automatically by the appropriate program - AutoCAD, FEM-Design, etc. - when the file is opened. Works with AutoCAD 2021 or later DWG files.
  • The points of solids used as reference after IFC import can be now snapped to.


  • Automatically generated snow loads can now be edited by the User.
  • In case of results where "Constant view" option can be set (Line reactions, line connections, etc.) numeric values generated by maximum/minimum option areĀ  placed to the middle instead of the end of the line for better visualization.
  • In Norwegian National Annex seismic response spectra values were updated according to the latest version of the Norwegian NA.
  • In Swedish national annex snow load macro uses special rules of EKS 11 for generating loads on pitched roofs.


  • "Fill all cells" option did not work for RC shell result tables.
  • Bar stress combination detailed result could crash if model contained only trusses as elements with plastic behaviour.
  • Building cover definition could cause a crash if the Construction stage was used.
  • CLT fire design could crash if the charred section was larger than the thickness of the panel.
  • Conversion from bar to profiled panel failed in some cases.
  • Copying/picking of 'Consider steel bar plasticity' property of bars did not work.
  • Creating Bracing Joint 6 caused crash in some special cases.
  • Creating Result points by selecting numeric values of surface crack results did not work correctly.
  • Ctrl+A can be used for selecting end points of edge connections.
  • Displaying edge connection results took long time.
  • For some type of RC cross-sections the auto design didn't work.
  • From now on, the Installer will send a notification, when SYSTEM REBOOTING is needed, even, if it was launched from SSInstaller.(Launched in reduced UI mode (passive).)
  • In Finnish National Annex snow load macro did not generated correctly the drifted snow load at tall buildings.
  • In Norwegian National Annex k2 factor used for shear capacity calculation was not displayed correctly in the detailed result of RC shells.
  • Line and point connections are assigned correctly to construction stages during automatic assignment by Storeys,
  • Line loads acting parallel with their action line were not visible in some cases.
  • Manually created punching regions at the corner and the edge of the plates were deleted when reentering RC Design mode.
  • Modification of edge connection type and applying the modification on the model at the same time might have caused crash.
  • Modification of fire protecting material properties in the library caused crash if the modifications were applied on the used materials, too.
  • Modification of soil material properties and applying the modification on the soil used in the current model caused crash.
  • Moment resistance of RHS column base steel joint was not calculated correctly in some special cases.
  • Navigation in Documentation was slow in some special cases.
  • Paste file including composite sections could cause crash.
  • Point and line loads acting on shells sometimes were not visible in documentation graphical windows generated by Documentation wizard.
  • Quantity estimation for tapered steel and timber bar did not work correctly.
  • RC bar design parameter dialog did not display a red line for the current edge for cover modification.
  • RC design / Punching / Check: Load combination selection could cause wrong results during Punching check.
  • RC design / Punching / Wall-corner punching could cause a crash if the angle of the walls is too small.
  • Structural objects without material caused crash at Filter.
  • There was some memory leaks in display settings dialog.
  • Wind load generation directly on shear walls did not work correctly for X- and Y- directions.
  • Vibration space definition did not work in RC bar design parameters dialog.

Version 21.00.001

Released January 26th, 2022


  • Calculation type selection is added to orthotropic and CLT timber panels manual design.
  • The color of assigned loads is changed from green to brown.
  • Fire design of non-uniform steel bars is enabled.


  • StruXML had a problem with non-zero level soil definition.
  • "Fictitious bars" table did not contain their IDs.
  • For color palette results, if the color of the palette position matched the background color, that color changed to inverse (such as white to black) when the result was displayed.
  • Equation 6.28 was not displayed correctly in detailed result of steel bars with hollow section.
  • Am/V factor for circular bars was not calculated precisely in steel bar fire design.
  • In case of invalid steel joint calculations, earlier manually set joint stiffness data may have got lost.
  • Reinforcement was shown out of the section when physical view was turned on.


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