In version 20.00.002 additional features related to model space results, detailed results and list results of footfall calculation were added. The input, setup and so on remains the same.

Model space results:

In the model space result a new line appears on the quick tools to select from the different envelope accelerations or response factors coming from the separation of the structural response.

  • Overall maximum (shows overall envelope of transient and steady state response) (THIS WAS ONLY IN THE EARLIER VERSION)
  • Transient response (shows the envelope of transient response)
  • Steady state maximum (shows the envelope from steady state response)
  • Steady state 1. harmonic (shows the envelope response from the 1st excitation harmonic)
  • Steady state 2. harmonic (shows the envelope response from the 2nd excitation harmonic)
  • ….


Detailed results:

In the detailed results of footfall analysis now in the first raw a combo-box appears to select between response factor or acceleration response.


Furthermore, in the diagram of the frequency curves the next to the steady state overall response man can see the steady state results from the different harmonics of the excitation force.

In the display option the user can switch on or switch of the desired curves.


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