This change has been done in FEM-Design 19.00.005

The calculation of the replacement stiffness of profiled panels has changed. This may cause that significantly different (larger), than before, stiffnesses may be calculated. Because of this, all results for models that contain a profiled pane can change significantly.

To calculate the transverse stiffnesses, a replacement beam (1 m wide rectangular cross-section) with a length equal to the width of the panel (minus the gap and the distance to be ignored from the right and left) is produced. Its cross-sectional area, inertia and shear factor are determined on the condition that the right-end displacements of the replacement beam clamped at the left end are equal to the original panel under a unit of normal force, shear force and moment. Stiffnesses are calculated using these three equivalent cross-sectional data thus obtained.

The displacements of the original panel are obtained by a numerical approximation method, for which the panel is divided into at least 800 (maximum 0.5 cm long) parts along the horizontal axis of its cross-section. We then perform the calculation of the displacements by assuming a constant transverse cross section for each section:

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