Tooltip for drawing objects and geometrical system

For easier access to layer information of drawing objects, tooltip is displayed for

  • points
  • lines
  • arcs
  • regions
  • solids


For a better understanding of the model, tooltip is displayed for fixed points, fixed lines and geometrical system lines.


Command shortcuts

It is now possible to start the most frequently used functions by typing a command. So for example to start the Beam function, there are now two possibilities; click on the icon as before, or simply type "BM" in the command line.


By typing any character, the character appears in the command line and the the cursor jumps into it. During entering a command, letters are automatically converted to capitals, so it is not necessary to keep the Shift key down.

The specific commands are shown in menus and toolbar button's tooltips.


Commands can be customized in Settings/Environment/Commands dialog.


To change a command just overwrite the text in the right column. The input is not case sensitive. Duplicated commands are not filtered. If "Reset" button is pressed, all commands are overwritten by factory settings.

Displaying commands in menus and toolbar tooltips can be switched off by unchecking the checkbox below the command table.

Point definition

From now on, definition of a point is indicated by pressing left mouse button instead of releasing it.

  • To start drawing a guideline, Alt or Ctrl button has to be be pressed, otherwise a  point definition is performed.
  • To drag an object or stretch a vertex, Alt button has to be pressed.

Pick lines improved

From now on, the Pick lines function works not only for CAD lines, but for every line element in FEM-Design (e.g. bars, corbel, line force, etc.). When the User selects a line and at the end of the continous line can be continue more than one way the User has to select the following way.


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