Bar imperfections

RC Bar Calculation parameters dialog is now supplemented with design Eccentricity increment options. It is useful because Eurocode is unclear about the design eccentricity increment directions and in special cases (for example, if the bar is not a separated element but it is connected to the slab) bar has to have special eccentricity options.

Eccentricity increment can be originated from Imperfection and Second Order effects, in some cases Eurocode also defines a minimal value for it (EC1992-1-1 6.1(4)). FEM-Design offers 4 options: s1 and s2, s1 or s2, s1, s2 direction increment (supplemented with signed cases). The ultimate sign of direction can be found in the detailed result. 


RC shell utilization

Different kind of results of RC shells, such as required/applied/missing reinforments, shell buckling and crack widths are providing individual feedback about the design capacity, but the information about the overall performance is difficult to obtain. To overcome this difficulty, these unique results are supplemented with a Utilization result, which aims to consider all the available results for the RC shell. This result is available for each load combination, maximum of load combinations and maximum of load groups.


For example, if the slab is designed only for ultimate combinations, the utilization result is the maximum of reinforcement utilizations (on different sides in different directions based on the reinfocement type) and shell buckling utilization, where it is relevant. If crack width results are availbale for quasi-permanent load combination(s), the utilization result is taking into account them, too. 


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