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62 62  For example, the physical direction of a displayed Sigma x' stress varies according to the selected system, if shell and layer local system is not identical, which means the angle Theta defined in the library for the layer is not zero.
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64 -[[image:1574690365292-190.png||height="397" width="922"]]
64 +[[image:CLT_Simga.gif]]
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66 66  It is worth to mention that in contrary to the non-laminated shells, the transverse shear stresses (Tau y'z' and Tau x'z') can be also displayed at the top and bottom of layers besides the center, as in case of some intermediate layer they are not necessarily zero (for non-laminated shells, due to the parabolic stress distribution the top and bottom values are always zero, only the center value can be selected from the shell stresses list).
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68 68  ==== Stress detailed results ====
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