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109 109  It is worth to mention that in contrary with the non-laminated shells, the transverse shear stresses (Tau y'z' and Tau x'z') can be also displayed at the top and bottom of layers besides the center, as in case of some intermediate layer they are not necessarily zero (for non-laminated shells, due to the parabolic stress distribution the top and bottom values are always zero, only the center value can be selected from the shell stresses list).
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111 -=== Stress detailed results ===
111 +==== Stress detailed results ====
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113 113  Two types of detailed result are available for stresses.
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115 -==== //Point based stress detailed result// ====
115 +===== //Point based stress detailed result// =====
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117 117  User can select an arbitrary point on the CLT/GLC panel, in the detailed result the geometry of the shell and the five stress components are displayed. As the whole section of the shell can be seen here, the coordinate system selector is supplemented with each layer's local system options. In case of maximum result (maximum of load combinations, etc.) plenty of maximum criteria available, which can be grouped by the following:
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123 123  • Layer maximum by stress type (e.g. 2. layer, Sigma x+): search for the combination which results the largest positive x directional normal stress in the second layer at the selected point, on all the five stress figures the result of this combination is displayed
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125 -==== //Shell based stress detailed result// ====
125 +===== //Shell based stress detailed result// =====
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127 127  Due to the numerous options, finding maximum stresses by components on the shell can be quite time consuming, especially in case of complex loading of the structure. In order to overcome this difficulty and make the maximum finding process much easier a shell based option is also implemented, where User only has to select a shell.
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