Quick Tools

Quick tools is a new tool window that contains the often used functions such Layers, Results and Filter. If Quick tools window is disabled, Layer, New result and Filter dialogs will work as in previous versions of the program.


Quick tools can be enabled in several ways:

  1. Settings / Environment / General / Quick tools
  2. Right click on the toolbars / Quick tools
  3. Window tab / Other windows / Quick tools

Quick tool window can be placed anywhere on the screen and it can be docked to the left and right side of the FEM-Design model view area. The docked Quick tool window can be also collapsed.


Layer dialog

Layer dialog consists of three separate windows that contain: Drawing layers, Object layers and Load case layers, and each can be separately collapsed.

Following changes has been introduced to the Layers dialog:

  • Status can be only changed by clicking on the St column of corresponding layer.
  • No snap is now located in the Sn column.
  • Pen width can be now changed in the Pen column.

In the Object layers dialog there are 3 new commands:

  • Save  - Save current settings.
  • Load - Restore saved settings.
  • Delete - Delete saved settings. 

Hide colour and pen columns option hides Co and Pen columns in all three layer dialogs.

If you select more layers and change settings of the last layer from the selections, the settings will be applied to all selected layers.

Result dialog

Result dialog works as before, except „Keep” and „Hide” buttons are added.


Filter dialog

Filter dialog works in the same way as it did in the previous versions.

Improvements in text settings

FEM-Design 18 contains some significant changes regarding changing text parameters of automatically displayed labels. There are now separate settings for structure/load labels and for design data labels.

Additionally, an Apply settings on existing labels option is introduced.

  • If Apply settings on existing labels option is checked, changes to the label settings will be applied to all existing elements.
  • If Apply settings on existing labels option is NOT checked, changes to the label settings will apply only to newly created elements.


New items in Window menu

There are two new items in Window menu: Toolbars and Other windows for easier hiding/displaying different toolbars, Filter palette and Quick tools windows.


Hide tabs and icons

It is now possible to hide items from the tab-menus.

Hiding one command

Right click on the command you want to hide and select Hide button. As example, the Beam command is hidden.


Hiding a group of commands

Right click on any of the commands within the group you want to hide and select Hide group. As an example, the Shell group of commands is hidden.


Show hidden items

Right click anywhere in the the tab menu and select Show hidden buttons. All the hidden items will appear back in the menu, but will be greyed out.


Unhide items

There are two ways to unhide items.

  • Right click on hidden item / group of items and uncheck Hide button / Hide group.
  • Right click anywhere in the the tab menu and select Reset - all hidden items will be reset to default.

Number of selected elements


Number of the selected elements (bars, shells, supports, loads, etc.) can be seen in the lower part of design area.


Keep/Hide result

In previous versions of FEM-Design, every new result was stored in Select result. In FEM-Design 18 one can decide whether to keep the displayed result, or not. Result can be also hidden. Keep and Hide commands can be found in Quick tools and Select result. Kept result are stored in Select results


Zoom height

With the new Zoom height command in Detailed results dialog, it is now possible to zoom out to the total height of the documentation.


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