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Automatic wall foundation adjustment

In the previous versions of FEM-Design, if two or more wall foundations with „surface support group” analytical system were connected, an overlapping support regions were created that had to be fixed manually. From now on, the program adjusts both analytical and physical model automatically.


Predefined edge connections for walls

It is now possible to define Wall edge connections before the wall is created. Press Setup> button in Plane wall tool window. In the small dialog different edge connection can be assigned for each side of the wall. When left-clicking an edge, User can select from a list of predefined and user defined edge connection types.

All user defined edge connection types saved in the Edge connections library are listed in the Setup list.


Improvements in covers

Cover supporting structure selected automatically

In previous versions of the program the automatic assignment of supporting structures to covers was only available for newly created covers. In version 18 however, it is possible automatically assign supporting structures also to the existing covers. Simply use Cover/Supporting structures/Select supporting structures automatically option.

The automatic assignment can edited, so any supporting structures can be easily removed from the cover using  Select supporting structures manually option.


Multi-selection options

It is now possible to select more covers at a time and change their load bearing directions.

When using "Pick existing region" option, it is now possible to pick multiple regions at the same time.

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