Shell RC design detailed results are implemented in FEM-Design 18. This feature is available if one of the RC shell design result is shown (except Applied reinforcement). Detailed result refer to a certain point of a shell.

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Result point definition

Upon clicking on detailed results 1543505164319-341.png , a tool window will open, where one can handle the result points for detailed results display.


Result point can be defined with „New” 1543504899700-684.png function. Each point must have an unique name, so if a result point with certain name already exists, program will automatically append a number to the user defined name. Result points are finite element independent - results and reinforcements are interpolated from the nearest FE nodes. If a point is defined in a design group, that point is cloned to the other members, so there will be a results for every slab/wall at that given point.  

If  the Display result option is enabled, the detailed result will open for a defined point. If it is disabled, multiple points can be placed without the detailed result opening.  The point’s name and font properties can be set in „Properties” 1543505002709-442.png


Show detailed results

For an existing point the detailed result can be shown by Select 1543505018600-794.png  option. These point can be deleted by the tool window’s Delete 1543505036138-886.png  option.

Detailed result contains geometry, material properties and the relevant calculations calculated from 8 combination of design internal forces. In the required reinforcement calculation inner section forces are shown in pictures for every relevant combinations. The utilization calculation is represented by interaction curves which are based on applied reinforcements with the current internal force pairs.


If a detailed result is displayed for the maximum of load combinations/groups (not a specific load combination), all the results will be shown for the decesive load combination of every reinforcement (x’ bottom, x’ top, y’ bottom, y’ top).

The plate/wall plane view and the section picture are resizable. They can be modified under Display option / Appearance. By default these are fit to the page size.



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