In FEM-Design 18 it is possible to use the Borrow license feature. Both Borrow license commands License Borrow and License Return are located in FEM-Design center.


License Borrow

Upon clicking on the License Borrow icon, the License Borrow dialog appears. Here one shall:

  • select a part of the program to borrow: Main module(s), Standard(s) and Design module(s).
  • set an expiration date.


Click on Borrow, to complete the borrowing license process. Upon that, a warning message will show up explaining that it is impossible to borrow currently running licenses thus, a new license will be borrowed.


The setting for what server to borrow from, is set in the StruSoft Installer on the users computer under manage license sources. Servers are shown with @-sign, while local licenses are shown with file-paths.


License Return

When pressing the License Return, a window shows with all the borrowed licenses and a checkbox if it should be returned to the license server. Upon pressing Return selected button is pressed, a warnings message appears - so be sure to have closed or saved all unsaved models before returning the licenses.


If the license return is successfully, this picture shows up:


License information

In the Help-menu it is possible to see which licenses are borrowed and in use at the moment. The License information shows if it is borrowed or running on a local license, and how long it can be used until it will be returned to the server.


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