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Concealed bar

Last modified by Iwona Budny Bjergø on 2019/10/21 14:44


Concealed bar is a new RC design object that allows for designing certain parts of a shell as a bar. For example, a wall region over a door opening can be considered as a concealed beam.


Video presentation


New concealed bar can be defined in Specify concealed bar. Definition steps:

  • Select an RC slab or wall
  • Specify the diagonal corners of a rectangular region, or select an existing rectangular region

The bar’s local co-ordinate system by default is parallel with the region’s local system, but there is an option to define skew concealed bars.


Design and results

Manual and automatic design process for concealed bars is the same as for individual RC bars. Listed tables and displayed results are also similar, but concealed bar’s internal forces - derived from the shell’s internal forces - are also listed and displayed.


The concealed bar’s reinforcement is not considered in the shell’s applied reinforcement.