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Construction stages - phase II

Last modified by Fredrik Lagerström on 2022/11/02 10:13


Construction stages have been improved in FEM-Design 18. Now it is possible to create an arbitrary number of stages and assign arbitrary structural elements to them (in comparison to FD17, where they could only be defined by Storeys).

Video presentation

Stage definition

From now on stage definition can be found in Structure tab. If there are no stages yet in the model, Construction stages command will start the Construction stages dialog, where one can set stages manually or can generate them automatically by storeys (as in FD17). Initial stress state property can also be set for the stages in this dialog.



Upon definition of construction stages, a tool window appears, where one can assign structural elements to the proper stage.

  • Select a state from the Reassign to list.
  • Select elements that belong to that stage by Reassign Structural elements to Construction stage 1543926365848-277.png function.

In the tool window one can also visualize every stage and animate it.


The existing items will be classified into construction stages.

There are also two options for Auto-assigning by Storey:

  • newly created
  • moved/modified elements



The following example shows that when a new column is placed on a storey, and if an already placed column is moved to another storey, they will be automatically reassigned to the storey’s construction stage.


Other improvements and changes

It is now possible to turn on construction stage ID for better visualization.


It is now possible to add a new table with elements in each every stage.


Load case assignment is still in Loads/Construction stages, but a Factor column is added to the table, where one can set the factor of the load cases included in that construction stage. The first two columns (Stage description and Initial state) are inactive because they can be modified in Structure/Construction stages dialog.

Also, a new Partitioning option „Only stage activated elem.” is added. With this option load cases can occur in more than one stage.



The following example shows how to correctly model a 2 storey composite structure.



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