Calculate only selected load combinations

It is now possible to calculate only selected load combination. In Analysis/Calculation/Load combination/Setup by load combinations dialog select which load combinations should be calculated.


If something is changed in Setup by load combination dialog, the whole Load combination calculation will be carried out.

New option in Eigenfrequencies calculation

In version 18 Try to reach 90% of horizontal effective mass option is added to Eigenfrequencies calculation. One has to set the starting number of shapes, then the program will calculate them and will check if 90% rule is passed. If it’s not, the program will calculate more shapes and checks the rule again in another iteration. There are two possible ways to end the calculation:

  • The 90% total effective mass is reached in horizontal direction
  • The maximum iteration number is reached


Remove connections from free edges

If an edge connection is defined at a shell edge that is not connected to any other structure, inaccurate results may occurre due to numerical problems. To avoid these problems, a new option to remove edge connections from free edges is available in Settings/All/Calculation/Analysis…. dialog.


If this option is checked, connections are automatically removed from the free edges before calculation.


Soil calculation settings

Soil calculation settings has been moved into Settings/Calculation/Soil calculation.


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