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New features in FEM-Design 17

Last modified by Iwona Budny Bjergø on 2023/01/10 11:08

FEM-Design 17 was released in January 2018. It includes significant changes into existing functionality, as well as considerable number of brand new features.

Major features

The absolute major features of this version are: 

  • Correct model tool 
  • Composite bar 
  • Post tension cables 
  • Plastic elements 
  • Piles
  • Shell buckling
  • Steel joint stiffness
  • Steel fire design

Other features and improvements

Learn about other new features and enhancements in FEM-Design 17.


User Interface

  • Properties dialog available from Quick menu for objects.
  • Different modes to display storeys
  • Visualisation of edge connection is improved
  • Restore view returning to input
  • Leading line for numeric values and labels
  • Align region to plane
  • Vertical dimension lines
  • Physical view
  • Physical alignment for intermediate section
  • Blinking layers


  • Improved storey dialog
  • Reference plane
  • Horizontal bedding moduli of foundation slab
  • Camber simulation option for Beams and Profiled plates
  • Easier definition of column corbel’s load position
  • “No shear” edge macro for Plane walls
  • Wall corbel
  • Editable surface connection (soil)


  • Pre defined Psi values for temporary load groups
  • Ignored temporary load cases
  • Deviation load improved
  • Notional load
  • Load comments
  • Load export / import via clipboard


  • Modified behaviour of trusses in non-linear elastic (NLE) and non-linear elastic + plastic (PL) calculations
  • Check for identical copies of structural objects and loads
  • Fully rigid diaphragm
  • Selecting all relevant shapes in Modal analysis

RC Design

  • RC Bar detailed result reinforcement export to DWG/DXF
  • RC Bar detailed result drawing improvements
  • RC Shell buckling
  • RC shell – EN 1992-1-1, Annex F

Steel Design

  • Column base joint concrete tension failures
  • “Rotated” option for hollow sections
  • Joint library
  • Steel joints added to Filter
  • User interface improvements in Steel joints module
  • Tooltip for joint bars
  • Joint bar display option
  • Navigation buttons for steel joints
  • Steel joint utilization in Documentation


  • Dominant load combination shown on results for maximum of load combinations
  • Displacement-like results improved
  • Shear center result
  • Mass result
  • Minimum and maximum values of soil results in colour palette view
  • Local stability results with more details
  • Colours of principal stresses, moments and normal forces
  • Option to hide finite elements for colour palette results
  • Scale to view option for colour palette results


  • Option to hide sections
  • Append templates
  • Docgraph windows are created according to the saved Window settings


  • FEM-Design Center
  • Drag and drop
  • FEM-Design Support tool
  • Company settings
  • Graphic engine settings and Draft mode
  • Timesave


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