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Steel, Timber and Masonry design

Last modified by Iwona Budny Bjergø on 2023/01/21 18:56


Parametric fire curve for steel fire design

So far, only the Standard, External and Hydrocarbon fire curves were available for simulating the fire conditions and fire design of steel bars. In FEM-Design 22, a Parametric fire curve has been added to the program.



Kerto timber cross-sections and materials

Metsä Wood’s Kerto is a laminated veneer lumber product (LVL) used in all kind of construction projects. Kerto LVL combines excellent technical performance with ease of use. Its essential qualities include strength and rigidity, dimensional stability, and light weight.

From now on, Kerto cross-sections and materials are available for timber bar design in FEM-Design.


Ignore tension in masonry objects

In FEM-Design 22, a new option is available for Calculation parameter of masonry objects: Ignore tension. By checking this option, in case of tension and regardless of the value of the bending moment, the utilization is set to zero.



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