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Last modified by Akos Rechtorisz on 2023/03/28 17:28


Zoom-independent font size of numeric results

From now on, the result numerical values can be displayed in the model space and in the documentation with zoom dependent or zoom independent font size (Settings > Display > Result).


Improved appearance of results on the graphs

FEM-Design 22 comes with some enhancements to the appearance of graph results. Following new display options has been added to the program:

  • Graph components can be coloured according to the direction (x / y / z) and sign (positive / negative).
  • The numerical values of component can have the same colour as the appearance colour of the component itself.

These options are available for the following result types:

  • Converted loads
  • Reactions
  • Coloured surface reactions
  • Connection forces
  • Coloured surface connections
  • Resultant of Labelled sections
  • Steel joint / Forces


Display setting for Automatic numeric values

From now on, the Display settings are also available for the automatically displayed numeric values.

If the Apply on current result option is deactivated, a change in Display settings will only affect the newly generated numerical values. In this case, the appearance of already existing numerical values can be modified with the Numeric value > Properties function.


New rules for summation of seismic results

In case of seismic maximum calculations and labelled section results, it is now possible to decide how the summation of seismic results should be performed. There are two options:

  • Internal forces: seismic summation is performed on the shell internal forces; after that, the resultant is calculated by integrating these summarized internal forces.
  • Resultants: resultants are calculated shape by shape and direction by direction separately based on the corresponding shell internal forces; after that, the summation rule is applied to these resultants.



Improved display of load groups design results

It is now possible to display which load case combination a given numerical value comes from, also for the Maximum of load groups results. The Show extra information, if available option can be activated in the Display settings of the numeric value.


Custom result library

FEM-Design 22 comes with a brand new tool Custom result library, that an easily create custom result labels for bars, supports or connections, that can be displayed both in the model space and in the documentation. 


The Custom result library is located in the Auxiliary result objects in the Analysis and Design tabs


The custom result label can be built up by a combination of the following row types.

  • Object ID: the identifier of the bar/support/connection for which the result is available will be placed automatically.
  • Text: any single text can be input; can be used as space separator, if the field is left empty.
  • Result: shall be selected from the list of available results for the particular calculation and object types.


Object ID and Result values can be supplemented with a prefix title that shall be defined in the vertical Text column. Additionally, for each result, the unit can be displayed and the number of displayed decimal places can be decided.


The appearance of the Custom result object in the model space (e.g. colour, font style, size) is given by the Default settings of the Numeric value, and can be modified using the Properties function. Overlapped Custom result objects can be rearranged with the Auto arrange all numeric values (Tools) and/or the Move (Modify) commands.


All the custom results created and saved in the library, will be listed in Quick tools's Results tree list, in the Custom result under the corresponding result type (Maximum of load combinations or Maximum of load groups), and can be displayed in the model space or in the Documentation, as any other type of the result.


Converted loads results for load combinations

So far, the Converted loads (forces transferred from the covers) could be displayed and listed only for load cases In FEM-Design 22, Converted loads can be also displayed and listed for Load combination.