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Numbering of graphical windows

In FEM-Design 22, a new option - Display numbering has been added to the Graphical window properties. The numbering is related and based on the Chapter number.


Improved documentation of bar reinforcement

From now on, one can quickly insert the design reinforcement drawing of selected RC bar, RC concealed bar and Composite column into the Documentation.


The new Reinforcement drawing function can be accessed and started from within an already placed RC design- or Composite design-type Graphical window.  It generates reinforcement drawings for selected bars and places them in the Documentation as Detailed result items.


In the Display options of the Reinforcement detailed result, one can specify the display scale of the specific figures, aw well as arrange the position of the drawings.


List tables: List nodes for selected objects only

From now on, it is possible to list or copy to Clipboard only the nodes of the selected objects.



  • Nodes are only available if there is already a successful Analysis run.
  • The rows of the new list are sorted by the ID of the node-owning objects.

List tables: Design results for labelled sections

The list results for Labelled sections were so far only available for Analysis results. From now on, it is also possible to list the design results of RC shells for the labeled sections.



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