FEM-Design 21 has an entirely new logo.


New Command Center

Totally renewed FEM-Design Command center gives quick and immediate access to several options.

Start new projects

FEM-Design tools have also been given a clearer and more easily accessible icon appearance. 


Reopen recent and recovered files

Selection between projects is aided by a preview image of the models, choice between preview and list modes, and resizeable dialogue. 


FEM-Design configuration tools

Company settings, license management and useful plug-ins and extensions (like direct collaboration with other programs) are listed here.


FEM-Design knowledge base

Collection of useful links.


Refreshed icons and toolbars

FEM-Design’s refreshed user interface provides a larger workspace and more unified that is in harmony with Windows 10.


User interface configuration

In FEM-Design 18, we introduced a possibility to hide buttons and groups of buttons from the user interface (Hide tabs and icons). In FEM-Design 21, we improved this feature by adding a possibility to save the user interface configuration, as well as an easy and quick way to switch between different user profiles.

Save user profile configuration

The current configuration of commands and tabs including hidden items can be saved at Configurations dialog. It is available in the same place as Hide button and Hide groups (right click on any button in the top user interface menu).

Configure-save 1000.png

Predefined user interface configurations

The Configurations folder by default contains two factory-sets: Full that shows all FEM-Design tools and Compact that shows only the basic tools.

Full-vs-compact 1000.png

Switching between profiles

There are two ways to change between stored profiles: 

  • Select the relevant configuration in the Configurations dialog and click Apply > Close.
  • Select the relevant configuration in the User interface drop-down menu list.


Custom 1000.png

If we hide additional buttons or groups of buttons, the User interface will be changed to Custom, indicating that the changes have not been saved yet. 


Duplicate window

FEM-Design allows opening and working with multiple windows for modeling, displaying, and documenting results.  

In FEM-Design 21, with the new Duplicate option available at Window menu, it is possible to duplicate the current view window along with all its contents and settings By duplicating, the new window retains all the properties of the copied window: layer states, shown/hidden elements, transparency, Window and Display settings (Settings menu), current View menu settings, displayed result (if currently visible), and so on.

duplicate 1000.png

New vs Duplicate (window)

The New command also opens a new window but, unlike Duplicate, it shows the full structure model (without displayed result) and with the default Display, Window and View menu settings.

new 1000.png


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