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Steel design

Last modified by Iwona Budny Bjergø on 2022/01/24 11:15


Ignore stability checks

FEM-Design 21 offers an option to ignore the stability check in the design calculation of steel bars. Once the option is checked in the Calculation parameters, bars with any type of cross-section can be checked for example against fire conditions.

Ignore stability.png

However, If stability checks are recommended for certain bar type, the program will send a warning message.


A comment will be added to detailed results of each bar for which the stability checks are ignored.


List and display joint forces

FEM-Design can now display the joint forces in the model for load combinations and maximum of load combinations. The components to be displayed and their display scale can be specified with the results’ Display options tool. Each force and moment component appears in colours corresponding to the the local coordinate system of the steel bars connected in that joint.

Joint dorces.png

Steel joint forces also can be listed in table format.



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