Climate load panel

In order to facilitate and speed up the wind and snow load generation, a new tool has been introduced: Climate load panel. The climate load panel will act as a transfer plane for the climate loads generated via macros (wind and snow). Until version 20, it was possible to define panels from within the Wind macro, but in FEM-Design 21, the panel definition is separated from wind load macro and moved into a self-standing command instead that serves the purpose of generation all climate loads.

Read the full feature description at: Climate load panel


Snow load macro

The snow load along with snow drifts can be a significant load factor in some areas. In FEM-Design 21 we introduced a new Snow load Macro, that will automatically generate snow load according to EN1991-1-3.

Read the full feature description at: Snow load 


Shear wall (wind) load macro

An additional Shear wall load  macro that allows distribution of wind loads on shear walls is added to the group of Wind macros in the newest version of FEM-Design. The tool is based on a Danish engineering practice (the method is described in "Betonelementbyggeriers statik" by Jesper Frøbert Jensen), and is implemented based on the strong demand from our Danish users.

Read the full feature description at: Wind: Shear wall load


Copy and paste in Load cases' relationship dialog

From now on it is possible to use copy and paste function in the Load cases' relationship dialog. This small improvement will speed up the workflow, if one prefers to define / edit the factors in e.g. Excel spreadsheet.


Modify deviation load name

From now on it is possible to change the names of the automatically created deviation loads.



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