Deflection utilization in design results

The Utilization tables of Check, Manual and Auto design are now supplemented with the deflection utilization results (DL), for objects, where deflection check is supported. The result is available for both individual elements and design groups.

If the deflection is calculated for combinations/load groups, the DL column appears in case of the following design objects: RC, steel, timber, Delta beams, columns, orthogonal timber and CLT panels. The Max and Min values in the top table also include deflection utilization.


Deflection utilization is also added to the Design group utilization lists.

util-2 800.png

Modified buckling length in fire design

In order to perform more accurate fire design of structural elements, FEM-Design 21 offers a possibility to modify the buckling length of individual bars and CLT panels in fire conditions. This can be done at Calculation parameters of each objects type.

Buckling lengthmMOD.png

Utilization tables for fire design groups

Utilization tables are now available for steel and timber bar fire design groups.

utilization_list MOD.png

Project-stored design calculation configurations

From now on, the analysis and design calculation configurations are always saved in the project file as default. It means that if particular configuration (of e.g. deflection check and reinforced concrete design) is set in the project, and the project is shared with someone, those settings will not be lost.

Configuration CORRECTED.png


Improved modification of design groups

From now on, if all the members of a design group will be modified in the same way, the design group will be preserved.

design-group 1000.png


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