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Steel Design

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 Improvements in Steel design calculations

Several new calculation parameters have been implemented to give more control and more economic design of steel bars:

  • We can ask for the check of the resistance of the most often used cross-sections (I-shape, rectangular hollow and tubular cross-sections; Class 1 and 2) according to chapter 6.2.9 of EN1993-1-1, instead of the more general but conservative approximation of paragraph 6.2.1(7). A new check has also been introduced with this option: "Pure normal resistance", which may result higher utilization than Equation 6.41. 
  • We can check lateral torsional buckling of I-shaped bars according to chapter
  • We can decide about buckling curves to use for calculations of
    • torsional-flexural buckling, and
    • lateral torsional buckling.
  • And, by default (not as an extra option), the iterative method used for calculating the effective cross-section of Class 4 sections has been improved to converge in most cases.




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