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Wall corbel (Geometry)

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Column corbel propertyDescription
Modules where available1585056100298-403.png
FunctionIt models corbels attached to plane walls.
PositionHorizontal, attached to wall.
  • Always rigid at the wall it is attached to.
  • User-defined at the point where other object is attached to it.
Load directionArbitrary in 1585056096475-141.png  
Load typeAll point and line load in 1585056098306-474.png   
Available analysis resultsDisplacement, internal forces, stresses, stability and vibration shape in 1585056102759-853.png   
Default Short CommandWCOR

Definition steps

  1. Start 1585056129329-748.png  Wall corbel command from 1585056136712-468.png  Shell component menu in 1585056142661-652.png tabmenu
  2. Set the direction of the Wall corbel, whether the corbel should be adjusted to the positive or negative side of the wall according to its local coordinate-system.
  3. Set the properties of the new wall corbel at 1585056166184-430.png  Default settings1585056172620-334.png
    • Identifier (General)
      The program automatically generates it, but User can define custom value. Identifier (ID and Position) number can be displayed in model view (Display settings).
    • Geometry (General)
      User can specify the followings:
      • the side of the wall
      • relative position of the Corbel compared to the wall (l, x)
      • length of the Corbel (l)
      • position of the load application, x, marked with red arrow in the figure below
      • the heights of the corbel at the wall and at the end of corbel
    • Connection
      In Connection tab the Motion springs, Rotation springs, Plastic limit forces and Plastic limit moments can be managed.
      With the „Rigid” and the „Hinged” buttons pre-defined end condition values can be applied to the corbel edge.
    • Material
      Only concrete material can be set for wall corbel.
  4. Place the corbel along a wall by drawing a line.

Optional steps:

  1. Modify the Corbel properties with the 1585056264368-721.png  Properties tool of the Wall corbel tool palette.
  2. Set the display settings of Wall corbel at Settings > All > Display > Bar similarly to Beams.
  3. Wall corbels are stored on “Walls” Object layers. At layer settings, the default color and pen width can be set for all walls and wall corbels.
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