Soil propertyDescription
Modules where available1585059432020-575.png
GeometryRegular shape, Solid
End connection-
Load directionArbitrary in 1585059483615-400.png
Load typePoint load, Line load, Surface load. Only forces!
Default Short CommandSO


Soil’s ground level, water level, and strata top level can be different in each Boreholes belonging to the soil. Boreholes are created in the corners of the soil region by default, but User can create more if necessary. Soil’s limit depth is constant.


The soil details can be set in Default Settings:


  • Identifier (General)
    The program automatically generates it, but User can define custom value. Identifier (ID and Position) number can be displayed in model view (Display settings).
  • Limit deph level (General)
    The level of the bottom boundary plane of the soil
  • Average element size (General)
    If Calculate soil as a solid element is activated, Fem Design tryes to define the solid elements of the soil according to the given value

The soil material details can be set individually:


  • Name
    The name of the soil material
  • Behaviour
    Wether the analysis is processed with drained or undrained soil conditions. If “Design according to combined behaviour” is active, both conditions are considered

User can choose if he/she wishes to calculate soil as solid elements in analysis or just wants to consider it in foundation design calculation. In the Settings/Calculation/Soil calculation.


warning.pngThe soil can be loaded only with Point load, Line load, Surface load (not with moments).
warning.pngConcentrated mass cannot be defined in the soil.
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