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Predefined direction (Geometry)

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With this option an axis/a plane of the Global or the User-defined (UCS) co-ordinate system can be set for the required direction (e.g. the local y’ axis of a beam profile). The direction can be chosen from the drop-down list attached to the Predefined direction option. The available directions depend on the applied FEM-Design Module (e.g. Plate, 3D Structure etc.).





SymbolMeaning of directionSystem
1584716081485-313.png 1584716088742-281.pngParallel with XY planeGlobal
1584716123521-300.png 1584716130268-771.pngParallel with YZ planeGlobal
1584716139273-684.png 1584716145803-955.pngParallel with XZ planeGlobal
1584716154924-804.png 1584716160929-291.pngParallel with UCS (XY plane)UCS
1584716168125-755.png 1584716174368-103.pngPerpendicular to UCS (XY plane)UCS
1584716181716-238.png 1584716187816-743.pngParallel with global X axisGlobal
1584716193478-848.png 1584716225253-152.pngParallel with global Y axisGlobal
1584716199180-267.pngParallel with global Z axisGlobal
1584716205617-837.png 1584716256444-933.pngParallel with X axis of UCSUCS
1584716211228-453.png 1584716262077-130.pngParallel with Y axis of UCSUCS
1584716216672-114.pngParallel with Z axis of UCSUCS

Table: The available axis directions to set the new direction


Figure: Examples for Beam profile positions

At supports, additional direction setting can be chosen from the definition tool palette:

1584716311818-707.png “Positive direction”:           The orientation is the same with the selected axis orientation;

1584716321509-100.png “Negative direction”:        The orientation is the opposite of the selected axis orientation.


Figure: Examples of Point support position

image-20200320155257-28.png      For some support and connection types, only the reference system can be selected as “predefined direction”. That means the direction of the components (x’, y’ and z’) are valid in the selected co-ordinate system (Global or UCS).


Figure: Support components in different co-ordinate systems

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